Healthcare Reimbursement Services

Bad Debt Listings

Accurate logging. Timely billing. HRS’ Bad Debt solution gives you the power to take advantage of more reimbursement opportunities.

With today’s federal government reimbursement constantly decreasing, unbilled crossover claims can prevent you from claiming unpaid deductibles and coinsurance – resulting in missed opportunities and reduced cash flow. HRS’ Bad Debt solution helps you increase reimbursement potential and decrease possible compliance issues, focusing on accuracy and thoroughness.

The comprehensive and accurate billing and logging behind HRS’ Crossover and Charity Bad Debt solution helps you:

    • Identify and document valid Bad Debt claims
    • Avoid logging errors (i.e. duplicate claims)
    • Submit valid supporting documents in aid of the Bad Debt claims
    • Ensure remittance advices are easily accessible at time of audit
    • Reduce sampling errors, which decrease audit adjustments
    • Prevent Medicaid claims that include professional fees from being improperly logged

Charity Care Bad Debt Solution

HRS services extend beyond Crossover Bad Debt, to include Charity Care services:

    • Review and analyze the hospital’s Medicare Charity Care Bad Debts
    • Review Charity Care policy and process for qualification
    • Verify, document, validate claims, and produce a charity bad debt log