Healthcare Reimbursement Services

Healthcare Reimbursement Services, Inc.

At HRS, our business philosophy centers on maximizing hospital reimbursement for our clients, and today our firm is recognized as an industry leader in this very specialized discipline. Complex statutory formulas lead to questions and varied interpretations. Comprehensive package submissions accompanied by sound documentation working in concert with articulated methodology is a must but the nuance of experiential learning allows us to exceed client expectations.

Hospitals and healthcare consultants alike engage HRS’ nimble core management group to draw upon technical and legal resources supplying best practice service offerings for:

    • Optimizing reimbursement calculations for associated revenue gains
    • Pursuing recourse through authoritative appeals at the regulatory level and within the judicial system when necessary
    • Discovery of other revenue generating avenues through internal analytics of statutory regulations, administrative guidelines, federal pronouncements and practices, and current state of the law

HRS extensive experience addresses varied reimbursement services related to cost report disciplines of Disproportionate Share Hospitals (DSH) and Uncompensated Care (S-10) and is solidified through partnerships with hospital associations, prominent healthcare legal firms and other strategic resources bringing solutions to our clients.

Our discipline is technical bordering on science. But the people side of HRS services can provide resources to our client hospitals and a community of people who are woefully lacking financially compounded with significant health issues. These patients have little income, no healthcare and significant disabilities. They long for and deserve any available assistance and access. Medicaid and Medicare can support extraordinary medical care and a semblance of reoccurring income.

HRS resources sometimes can mirror other community oriented initiatives assisting people in need. HRS assets include Disability Case Managers, Social Security experts, administrative and vocational staff along with professionals such as lawyers, physicians, nurses and psychologists assisting in the application and adjudication process. All these professionals and subject matter experts work diligently to effectively complete required paperwork to submit for income and healthcare access.

Our management team is available to review our varied reimbursement services, patient advocacy and appeals work with you.

Disproportionate Share (DSH) Hospitals

HRS offers a wide variety of DSH services including DSH/UCC calculation optimization, analysis and strategic services for accurate S-10 reporting, all designed to maximize DSH factor 1&3 reimbursements.

Disability Advocacy Service

SSI and SSDI eligible patients often slip through a hospital’s Medicaid screening process. HRS Disability Advocacy Service identifies and advocates for their rights to benefits – converting uninsured patients to Medicaid and/or Medicare coverage.


340B Hospitals partner with outside pharmacies, taking advantage of deeply discounted drugs for outpatient prescriptions, and sharing margin revenue as a result.

Bad Debt Listings

With Crossover Bad Debt and Charity Care reimbursements on the decline, HRS offers solutions that help increase reimbursement potential and decrease possible compliance issues, focusing on accuracy and thoroughness.

Appeals and Reopenings

Utilizing top notch counsel with extensive experience before the PRRB and in Federal Court, HRS offers hospitals several appeal opportunities, with a “no risk” contingency-based fee structure.


HRS’ security risk management process covers the administrative, physical, and technical processes addressing compliance requirements that govern electronic information data entry, processing, transmission, storage and retrieval.